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Daily care for down there.

Swap the soap


Benefits of using Muff stuff

The vagina has its own environment and is self-cleaning however, your vulva and vagina are not the same thing. Your vulva is on the outside of your reproductive area and the vulva does not have self-cleaning capabilities. Water is a good cleanser but if you choose to use all-natural products to help provide extra daily love and care for down there, I Love My Muff has you covered from front to back.


What’s not
in Muff Stuff

No harmful chemicals, only the good stuff:
✘ SLS: This is what makes products foam but is a known irritant
✘ Parabens: We use natural plant preservatives instead
✘ Synthetic colors & fragrances: Our products smell delightful due to our essential oil blends
✘ Cruelty: We love animals as much as our muffs
✘ Soy or gluten: No allergic reactions here!


Made by a woman for women

Hi, welcome to I Love My Muff! This brand was born out of personal need. I’ve used all kinds of feminine hygiene products over the years, and many left me irritated - both in mood and skin.

My needs were simple: something natural, gentle, and effective. But all the personal care products I had come across were full of ingredients I definitely didn’t want on my area down there. Plus, all the brands at the time were clinical-looking and hidden behind flowery scents and messaging - I wanted something authentic, modern, and fun.

The name needed to reflect the dedication involved in creating it, as well as lighten up what had historically been a very traditional industry. I Love My Muff is a loud and proud statement and goes beyond vaginal health to all forms of self-love. And so from one woman to another: love your muff and love yourself!

Ritz Clinging (Founder & Creator)