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Daily care for down there.

Daily care for
down there


Natural stuff for your muff

Suitable for all skin types, I Love My Muff plant based feminine care products were created to be used as part of your daily intimate self care cleansing routine. 

Clean | Pure | Soft | Fresh


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What in the world is a muff?

Is it your vagina? Is it pubic hair? Is it short for a delicious baked good? We’re here to clear things up: A muff refers to the vulva, aka the outer part of your vagina. While the vulva goes by a million different names (lady bits, vajayjay, another word for cat, to name a few), we call it muff, and we’ve got the best stuff that helps you take care of yours every day.


What is Feminine Care?

Feminine Hygiene is no longer a taboo topic. To learn the down-low on your down there, read our latest blog post to find out what Feminine Care is, why Feminine Hygiene is important, and tips for smelling and feeling fresh.


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I’ve got a little secret, and thrilled to share it with you. It’s an amazing product that keeps you feeling fresh…everywhere
— The Tracy Anderson Method