Fresh wipes 25pk

Fresh wipes 25pk


Cooling, calming, and convenient - this is comfort you can carry

On your period? Just finished exercising? Feeling dry and irritated down there? Fresh is our natural feminine wipes designed to provide instant relief, effectively clean, and gently refresh down there no matter where you are. Whether you’re uptown, downtown, or out of town, you’ll always be prepared with our on-the-go wipes.

  • Made from 100% biodegradable rayon paper

  • Hypoallergenic

  • pH-balanced hydration in one quick swipe 

Our Fresh Feminine Wipes are available two convenient options

  • 6-pack (comes with a reusable pouch)

  • 25-pack

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Natural ingredients

  • Aloe Vera: Heals irritated skin

  • Chamomile Flower: Calms inflammation

  • Cucumber: Soothes skin irritations

  • Lavender: Reduces redness

  • Vitamin E: Protects skin from environmental stressors

Our stuff helps you love your muff
Proudly Made in USA  | Cruelty-free | Free of parabens, SLS & synthetic colors and fragrances 

How to use
Our feminine wipes are for external use only. Open package, unfold, and wipe from front to back to cleanse and freshen up anytime, anywhere. Use as needed throughout the day.