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At-Home Series: Workouts

At-Home Series: Workouts
Time to get your sweat home— MP Edition 027


It’s important for all of us to stay home at a time like this but it can be difficult to fill the long hours. For those of you who are going a little stir-crazy, we’re starting a new “At-Home Series”, where we explore all the things that you can do while the world is collectively in quarantine. This post rounds up our favorite at-home workouts right now. Check out our first post on the TV shows to binge-watch.

We’re in uncharted territory these days, and it’s more important than ever to stay at home and keep practicing social distancing. Along with many businesses, gyms have shuttered for the time being. And while it’s likely not your biggest concern right now, exercise is key, especially if you’re now working from home, sitting in front of a computer all day.

Unless you’re a celebrity or lucky enough to have a home gym, you’ll have to adapt your fitness routine to the current situation we’re all in. 

If you’re thinking “how can I exercise at home?”, the good news is that fitness is one area that has adapted to the circumstances quite well. Many fitness studios such as barre, yoga, and HIIT have taken their classes online, which widens the scope because people can now take classes from a local fitness boutique across the country. And there were already many existing online fitness classes to choose from that don’t need a lot of space or fancy equipment so the choices are truly endless. 

Just because you’re working out from home and may not have access to the equipment you usually use doesn’t mean that at-home workouts are any less effective. We’ve rounded up some of the best workouts to do at home below that will help you work up a sweat!


  1. P.volve: A full-body workout that tones, sculpts, and strengthens. Right now, they’re offering 1 month free streaming with code “OnePvolve”.
  2. Centr: Chris Hemsworth’s curation of workouts and diets. Right now, they’re offering a free 6-week trial.
  3. Jaybird: A refreshing change to usual yoga classes, Jaybird’s classes are music-led in a heated, candle-led room. They’ve now taken their classes online.
  4. Lagree: The infamous megaformer workouts. The team has adapted their classes for daily workouts without the machine. 
  5. Kayla Itines’ BBG: A cult favourite, BBG is a 12-week plan that involves three 28-minute workouts each week and three low-intensity cardio sessions, all guided by Kayla Itsines herself. Intro offer is a 1-month free trial.
  6. F45: the Australian-born cult classic workout has created Facebook groups and made their workouts accessible online. 
  7. Barry’s Bootcamp: From full body to ass and abs, Barry's has daily streamed classes of their normally scheduled content on their IG Live.
  8. Spin Society: A Vancouver-based spin studio, Spin Society has been offered quick workouts by their instructors on their Instagram stories.
  9. YYoga: YYoga offers three options for working out at home: a subscription streaming service, live zoom classes, and live streams on Instagram. 
  10. Pure Barre: Pure Barre has taken their booty-burning classes online via live stream so you can follow along at home.
  11. Kondi Fitness: A workout that combines pilates, suspension training, resistance bands and H.I.I.T. They’re now offering their classes online with the first 7 days free.
  12. Alomoves: Alomoves offers thousands of yoga, fitness, and meditation classes on-demand. They also offer a free 2-week trial.
  13. Asana Rebel: Their app gives you access to hundreds of workouts from HIIT to yoga, as well as meditations and music to help increase your productivity and sleep.
  14. Melissa Wood Health: Membership includes 1 new exclusive sculpting workout each week, access to 60+ workouts, as well as pre & postnatal, treadmill series, meditations. She’s offering a free 7-day free trial.
  15. Tight Club Athletics: Tight Club focuses on five key elements of functional fitness: stability, strength, cardio, agility and flexibility and you can now book their virtual classes.
  16. Club Row: Club Row has recently launched their app that allows you to follow along at home. The only rub is that you need to have access to a rowing machine.
  17. Movement 108: Movement 108 is offering private access to their YouTube channel, with equipment rental and drop-off available in Vancouver. They also offer live workouts on Instagram. 
  18. Pilates by Amanda: Celebrity-fave Amanda Kassar offers a 12-day Pilates by Amanda routine designed especially for lockdown that’s available for two months. 
  19. The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup: Classes that help lengthen and strengthen by combining dance cardio and sculpting routines. There’s a free trial for those wanting to try it out first 
  20. Freeletics: Freeletics is a HIIT training app that combines full-body routines and exercises with running for a complete workout.


Stay safe and healthy, Muff Fam ❤️