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Eco-friendly lubricants & sex toys

Eco-friendly lubricants & sex toys

Love yourself and our Earth



We know - thinking about the state of our environment and climate change doesn’t exactly set the mood for a sexy time. It’s actually a great opportunity to think about how you can help the environment the next time you reach for a lubricant or your fave toy for some solo time or fun with a partner. The good news is there are lots of options for natural, non-toxic lubes, as well as sustainable, eco-friendly toys so that the next time you get it on, you can practice self-love for yourself as well as our earth. We call that a win-win!

Sustainable sex toys

We get it, your BOB’s impact on the environment is not always top of mind. But the fact of the matter is that the toys and devices that give us so much pleasure are actually harming the environment. The plastic that many sex toys on the market are made out of is contributing to crowded landfills and pollution in our oceans. 

The main reason why sex toys aren’t great for the earth is that there aren’t a lot of safe ways to get a toy second-hand (nor do many people want to), you almost always have to buy new. And disposing of it is even harder. Many facilities consider sex toys biohazards (bodily fluids, y’know?) and won’t accept them. And if you throw your toy in the trash, it can add carcinogenic gases to the atmosphere when it’s incinerated. Thankfully, the sex toy industry is responding and as a result, more and more brands are offering alternative eco-friendly sex toys that are kinder to our environment. 

Eco-friendly sex toys:

Blush Novelties Gaia Eco Vibrator

The world’s first biodegradable vibrator (and pretty decently priced too), Gaia’s Eco Vibrator is made entirely from starch-based bioplastic. This is a fancy way of saying the plastic is made from renewable sources.

Leaf Vibes Leaf+

Small but very powerful, the Leaf+ has been lauded as the best eco-friendly sex toy in past years. Leaf+ offers a range of rechargeable, silicone, Phthalate-free toys, with a motor in both ‘leaves’ for internal and external vibration. 

Work It Hot dildos

Why go plastic when glass does the trick just as well? Glassmakers Work It Hot use recycled glass to produce their line of sex toys, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing waste. The toys are non-porous, easy-to-clean, and can be easily heated or cooled for some temperature play.

Solar Powered Vibrator

Who needs batteries with this solar-powered vibe? Put it out to charge in the sun for the day, and it’ll be all ready for play time by nightfall. 

MysteryVibes Crescendo.

An award-winning vibrator, this rechargeable toy is super flexible, customizable to your preferences, and designed to keep you satisfied for many years. 

Eco-friendly lube

Vaginal lubrication is super important in helping to prevent tears and discomfort. Enter lube.

Lube is great for sex but it’s not always great for the environment. Keep these things in mind when shopping for lube:

  • Avoid petroleum-based lubes as petroleum extraction can lead to oil spills, water waste, and contribute to greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere.
  • Steer clear of plastic as most lubricants are packaged in plastic that's not always recyclable.
  • Stick with water-based (or aloe-based) lube if you also use condoms because oil-based lubricants can break down latex and make it susceptible to tearing. 
  • Avoid silicone toys if you go with a silicone-based lube as it can break down the silicone in the toy.

Natural & non-toxic lube


Free of gluten, glycerin, parabens, artificial scents, and flavors, Überlube is made with pure silicone and vitamin E. The smooth lube is vegan, contains no animal products, and cruelty-free.

Province Apothecary

This Sex Oil is not only free from alcohol, glycerin, parabens, petroleum products, toxic preservatives, as well as synthetic fragrances or colour,  it’s also extremely hydrating, making for a great massage oil too - we love a multi-purpose product!

Good Clean Love

Vegan, made with aloe, and infused with lemon and vanilla, Good Clean love’s Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant is a certified organic lubricant that is water-based and PH-balanced.


Free of glycerin and parabens, maude's 100% natural lubricant is organic, safe, and deeply moisturizing. Available in both aloe or silicone-based.

Rosebud Woman 

The Arouse: Stimulating Serum is chock full of natural, good-for-your-body ingredients like maca, ashwagandha, and musk rose oil for “long-term arousal enhancement”.

Psst. And when you're all done, make clean up an ease with I Love My Muff Fresh wipes. They're super handy post sex and they're biodedgrable and compostable too! 

Muff love ❤️