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Feelin’ Good without the High

Feelin’ Good without the High

The emerging trend of CBD wellness & its benefits- MP Edition 024

Even if you’re not quite sure what it is, you’ve likely heard of CBD (cannabidiol). It’s been lauded for wide-ranging health benefits like pain relief, decreased inflammation, anxiety relief, and better sleep

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to CBD is “does it get you high?” 

The answer is no. 

CBD is one of 120 compounds found in the marijuana (or cannabis sativa) plant. Another compound found within marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is considered a psychoactive ingredient. To be clear, THC is what’s responsible for a high, while just CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating effects. CBD didn’t raise much interest until recent years when studies started delving into its health benefits.


Benefits of CBD

Some of the more well-known health benefits of CBD are that it helps reduce seizures and autism in children but CBD also has many wellness benefits, helping with headaches, migraines, anxiety, and even depression. It’s also been known to provide general relaxation and rejuvenation for the body, even providing relief for menstrual cramps.


Main health benefits of CBD are:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Contains Vitamins A, D, and E

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Relieves pain and swelling 

  • Soothes aching joints and sore muscles post-workout


Up until a few years ago, cannabis was mainly used for two purposes: medicinal or recreational use. But with the multitude of  benefits that CBD provides, the third category of CBD wellness is emerging. 

CBD’s rapidly gaining popularity is thanks to its evolution into a health and wellness product, where it’s being used for a general sense of well-being, without the “high” effects of THC.  A large part of this proliferation can be attributed to the edibles market, where CBD is being considered as a superfood and infused into foods and drinks. CBD lattes can be found in more and more cafes, and CBD massages are increasingly common.

It doesn’t look like the CBD train is slowing down anytime soon either. CBD sales are predicted to hit $22 billion by 2022. Over 25% of the U.S population has tried CBD, 40% of millennials have used CBD, it’s popular with baby boomers as well, 40 is the average age of a CBD user, and women account for 38% of cannabis users.

CBD products

While there are CBD-only products, there are also CBD products that combine THC in small enough quantities so that you can reap the benefits without getting high. Whether you're in search of a new way to ease sore muscles or reduce anxiety, there is a wide range of options for you to incorporate CBD into your overall wellness routine.


Vena CBD Cooling Cream and Topical CBD Solution


CBD Skincare

Significant enough to call out on its own is the CBD skincare space. Beauty and skincare brands have started incorporating CBD into their products to leverage the benefits. Even beauty behemoth Sephora is dedicating shelf space to CBD, and it’s being incorporated into products to help treat acne, anti-aging, and more. 


Skin benefits of CBD include:
  • Soothing, calming and relaxing skin

  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce the swelling and redness of blemishes 

  • Balances skin oil levels and sebum production to help control breakouts

  • Packed full of antioxidants which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dull skin tone, and roughness



While CBD-only products do not contain THC, check your area’s shipping regulations as some countries still impose a ban on CBD-based products.

As the popularity of CBD continues to increase, the perception of CBD will continue to change as well. Much like natural feminine hygiene products, more and more people are viewing CBD as an essential part of their overall wellness.