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Go Natural with Feminine Hygiene Products

Go Natural with Feminine Hygiene Products

Keep your Vagina and the Earth Happy - MP Edition 008


The history of feminine hygiene industry can be compared to the wild, wild west. To date, it has been largely unregulated. As a result, many companies aren’t always fully transparent with the ingredients or materials used in their products, which is mind-blowing considering that we put these products in and around our vaginas.


Time to go natural

Since feminine care is part of your overall health and comfort, it’s important to choose natural feminine hygiene products as these products are used in and near your sensitive skin down there. Feminine hygiene products include products such as washes, sprays, and wipes for maintaining your vulva (the skin outside your vagina), but also include products you use during your period like tampons, cups, and pads.

Many of the ingredients in feminine hygiene products throw off your pH balance, which in turn cause funky smells, and are allergenic or genetically-modified. Savvy shoppers these days look for products that contain not only fewer harmful ingredients but all-natural ones as well. 

Women want products that not only effectively addresses concerns such as odor control and pH balance but are gentle enough to use in their everyday routine. Below are some of the ingredients many drugstore products contain that are extremely harmful to your health. Channel your inner Sherlock and be on the lookout for these ingredients the next time you buy personal care products.


Many drugstore feminine hygiene products are made from over 90% petroleum-based plastic. This is no good because your vulva contains a bunch of small blood vessels, which means the skin there is extremely thin, and plastic chemicals are easily absorbed into your body.


Non-organic cotton

Many tampons and pads are made of cotton, and while cotton may not seem harmful, how cotton is sometimes treated can make it so. Cotton is one of the dirtiest crops and is often bleached with chlorine and sprayed with a variety of pesticides, many of which cause cancer.


Harsh chemicals

Many feminine hygiene products may include harsh chemicals that can damage or irritate your vagina and the skin around it, leading to problems such as odors, increased risk of bacterial and yeast infections, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

Generally, make it a rule to say no to synthetic or non-natural feminine hygiene products, as they have the potential to irritate your skin, causing itching, swelling, and burning.


Love your muff, love the earth

In addition to these synthetic and non-natural products harming your body, they also harm the environment as well. On average, a woman will use anywhere from 11,000 to 16,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime. This means that almost 12 billion feminine hygiene products end up in landfills and water treatment facilities, and since most of the products out in the market contain plastic, they take a long time to break down and are likely to be ingested by wildlife. And when disposed, the harmful chemicals in these products can infiltrate the environment and ecosystem.

Women no longer simply want natural feminine hygiene products - they are demanding them

The industry has responded to the outcry for natural vaginal care and these days, there are many options to choose from when it comes to feminine health products that are good for the environment and our bodies. Women no longer simply want natural feminine hygiene products - they are demanding them.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about how to navigate the world of feminine care and avoid products that don’t do your body or the environment any favors, we’ve got your back! Some eco-friendly options for organic pads and tampons we love include  LOLA, Veeda, Yoni, Cora Tampons, Lunapads, and Kali. These companies use 100% organic cotton free of chemicals, synthetics, or dyes.

When it comes to daily muff maintenance, use feminine hygiene products such as washes, sprays, and lotions. There are many natural options that get the job done but are gentle enough for your skin down there. I Love My Muff products were created by a woman for women using the finest botanical extracts and therapeutic grade essential oils and can fit into your daily routine in 3 easy steps. The entire line is free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS, soy, and gluten, plus it’s also cruelty-free and vegan so you can do your part for the earth while keeping your skin happy. 

For a long time, there was little movement or discussion in the feminine care industry but now as feminine care is discussed more openly, women are demanding natural alternatives and the tide is turning.