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WTF: What the Fit?

WTF: What the Fit?

Tips to Staying Healthy and Happy- MP Edition 013


We can all agree that health and fitness are important. No one intends to neglect it but more often than not, it ends up on the back burner when life gets in the way. With the demands of school, work, family, and a social life on your plate, it can be a struggle to make your mind and body a priority.

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness goals or looking for new tips to breathe life into your routine, we’ve rounded up some doable women’s health and fitness tips to put your well-being front and center.


Women’s Health Tips

Our bodies and minds take a beating when things get busy, so it’s important to take a beat and listen to what your body is telling you

  • Get a check-up

    The first step to making an effort with your health is to get a check-up. Keeping up with your tests and get regular check-ups, especially with your OB/GYN if it’s been a while. So go check up on it!

  • Try a new superfood

    When life gets busy, it can be easy to reach for whatever is fast and quick, and it’s usually not the healthiest. It can be super daunting to know how to start eating healthy but one way to dip your toe in is to try incorporating a different superfood every week. Superfoods have been proven to fight disease, boost energy, support weight loss, strengthen bones, and even extend your life. Try quinoa one week and cauliflower the next. Other superfoods to incorporate include dark leafy greens, garlic, and much, much more.

  • Don’t forget about your mental health

    Burnout is real, folks and it can manifest mentally as well as physically. Everyone is different - find what helps you relieve stress and recharge. Do yoga, try meditation apps like Headspace, take a bath, or even take a nap. Research shows that your heart, mind, and weight benefit when you sleep well.

  • Get your flu shot

    As summer winds down, and the weather starts getting chillier, make sure you take proper precautions against the cold and flu season. Make some time to stop by your doctor or pharmacy and get your flu shot. Don’t fall victim when the office starts turning into a ghost town because everyone’s sick.

  • Drink water

    Breaking out? Drink water. In a slump? Drink water. Lose a limb? Drink water. But really, staying hydrated is probably the easiest thing you can do for your health - it gives you energy, helps digestion, clears skin, the list goes on and on. Hydration is especially important if you exercise regularly too because you need to replenish the water and minerals lost during workouts.For those that find it hard to hit the recommended quota of water consumption each day, we’re not saying to guzzle 10 cups of water all at once. Try drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day. Sip, sip, hooray!

Women’s Fitness Tips

While you get your health on, don’t forget fitness too!

  • Make time for fitness

    If you’re looking at your schedule and wondering how the eff you’re going to cram working out into your already-packed week, you’re not alone. But getting your fitness fix in doesn’t have to be so challenging.Try breaking it up into doable chunks each day, like exercising for 20 minutes at a time. Go for a walk on your lunch break, opt for the stairs, bike to work, or have a quick dance break (it’s a great stress reliever too). You’ll hit your quota in no time!

  • Friends who exercise together, stay together

    One way to keep yourself accountable with your fitness is to exercise with a workout partner. Taking a walk in the park, going for a run together, or taking a new fitness class with a friend is a great way to get some exercise in while enjoying quality catch-up time. Working out with a bud can help you stay motivated and lose more weight than if you did it by yourself.

  • Stretch it out

    Take the time to properly stretch before or after exercising. Stretching helps prevent injury and soreness after working out by keeping muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Because trust us - your back and joints will thank you for loosening those limbs.

  • Try a new activity

    If you’re having trouble getting motivated to work out, try different activities to shake up your fitness routine rather than just going to the gym or running. Try new classes like barre, TRX, dance, or even spin in the pool!

  • Do vaginal exercises

    Don’t forget about your vagina! Vaginal health is important to overall health as well. Vaginal exercises like kegels are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and has many benefits like improving your sex life, supporting your bladder, and preventing urinary infections. Kegel exercises are also really easy to anytime, anywhere. You can do them while you’re watching TV or even while you’re at work.

What are you waiting for? A healthier you is waiting!