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Blue Pure: Spray
Silvia Vergara

I have yet to receive my order…maybe you can tell me if I will soon be receiving?

Best feminine wash

Love how this wash balances my female bits, after running or after some intimacy it just helps to keep you feeling fresh and clean.

Amazing products

Have never felt fresher and cleaner. Love this product.


Love the products. Smell are so great I also use under my breasts after working out until I get to a shower. The cream and spray have helped with dryness extreme dryness thank you

Blue Pure: Spray
Leah Julius

Blue is my fav

Blue Muff Care Kit
Shannon Marshall


Fresh Wipes (25)
My forever routine

I love my 3 step system, plus wipes on the go. Happy to hear a Canadian company is thriving. Products are also available at Urban Outfitters. Thanks for making products that are great on sensitive skin.

Amazing!!! Love all Muff products

Love your products glad I heard about you. It helps keep me stay fresh, clean and helps with sensitive skin issues it love it love it ...I have already recommended your product to friends

Love your Muff

In love with My Muff stuff. Green is my favourite of the two scents. I’ve been using all four products and can’t live without them now. I feel fresh, clean and smooth. Helps with my sensitive skin issues after shaving and brings pH balance back quickly after intimacy. Highly recommend to all my lady friends.

Blue Clean: Wash
Darlene McLean

Wonderful stuff. Love the smell. I feel so refreshed. I will buy again

Green I love my muff

I just bought the green kit. I was using the wipes from the place I get sugared and love them both!!!

Fresh Wipes (25)
Brianna Klaver

Highly recommend these, many other wipes from the drugstore are filled with chemicals and can do more harm than good. These leave you feeling fresh while also providing so many benefits, and are convenient to bring with you anywhere you go!!

Blue Muff Care Kit
Brianna Klaver

I've been using this kit for a couple of months now and I have never tried anything better! For the cleanser- a little goes a very long way so it will last you for a while and the scent is similar to essential oils. I can smell the spray hours after I have used it, which I find that a lot of other products do not provide. I've noticed that the moisturizer helps to prevent razor bumps and is very gentle. Will be repurchasing for years to come, looking forward to trying the green scent. Great customer service as well!!

Yes Finally!

I was skeptical, glad I was wrong. This seriously works. A little goes a long way, even if you are Plus Size.
Love the smell & not over powering at all. I feel fresh, clean & more confident!!!
Would I recommend & buy again....100% Yes!!


I love these wipes, I take them everywhere in the cute zipper pouch. I'm prone to yeast infections and these wipes help me feel way more comfortable Living my life knowing I don't have to constantly run home to shower and wash my muff.
The company is amazing! Answered ALL my emails about the product, shipping was fast and I felt the company truly cared about me and my lil muff! 🖤

Muff tee - Black
Britney Duncan

Great quality and soft material.

Blue Muff Care Kit
Britney Duncan
Smells great

Great fresh smell. Love it. Will try the green next!

Love love love

It’s so effortless to feel fresh and clean and the wipes make it easier on the go. The scent is just enough to love your muff. 5 big stars

Happy Southern Hemisphere

So far I’ve only used the clean wash and the spray but I love them both. They’re both gentle on my nether region but they’re also effective. Two thumbs from me👍🏻👍🏻 (or 5 stars!!) 😁

The best stuff

I love the stuff. The smell is wonderful. I will continue to use this product.

So good!

Love the green! Smells like candy. Keeping things fresh and ph balanced is what I’ve been looking for. Now for bigger bottles of the wash! Hint hint, wink wink!

Cute, convenient and refreshing

Love this pack! This was my first purchase from I Love My Muff alongside the 22-wipe pack to refill and I've already been telling my friends about it. As someone who has incredibly sensitive skin with many, many allergies, I can say that this is safe to use and has not caused any kind of irritation. The packaging is super cute (and compact!) and the wipes are great to have on-the-go. The scent is very light and refreshing. I do wish the refill pack came with more than just 22 wipes as I know I will quickly run through these!

Fresh & Natural

I really enjoy the fresh, clean scent without heavy perfumes. A little wash goes a long way and the wipes are super handy for summer camping trip. Love the blue products & the brand! Everyone needs to love their muff!

Fresh Wipes (25)
Kendra Rule
Muff wipes

Use them in our spa for clients...they love them, great scent

Green Muff Care Kit
Dawn Marshall
Love this brand!

It has only been a little over a week and iam loving these products! Iam very sensitive and tend to get hives or itchy skin with most products. The scent is very refreshing. After years of searching, i think i have found my forever brand:)