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The green lotion is my best!

Fresh Wipes (25)
Tina Davis


Green Muff Care Kit
Isabelle P.
Great Starter/travel Kit!

It has everything you need! Next time I purchase I’d like a bigger bottle of the wash cause this one is small! Other than that it smells amazing and works great. No irritation as well!

First time buyer here and have to say I'm impressed will definitely buy again !

Green Clean: Wash
Jenn Prance
I would like to see maybe something like the Divine Yoni the last scent you will ever buy.

I am in love with the Green Wash scent. 5 stars all the way. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a bigger bottle. I would also love to see the lotion come in a bigger bottle please. I would 100% buy .

Fresh Wipes (25)
Erika Creally
My Dtr lives these !!

My daughter is sensitive to everything!!!! Only thing she can use are these wipes. They are so gentle and do the job from front to

Green Clean: Wash
Jenny Hill
Amazing wash

I love that this is all natural. I was using drugstore washes full of chemicals which were so drying and am so relieved to have found this. It leaves the skin moisturized and at its odour, no itchy skin and just a light pleasant fresh scent. Ive recommended it to several people including my 80+ year old mom and they all love it

Smells great!

This product does what it advertised. It smells great and really makes you feel fresh & clean!


I absolutely love the blue care items. I have tried all sorts of washes, most of them seem great at the time, but once you are done with your shower, the freshness disappears. Not with this product. I feel fresh and smell great all day. I am so happy that I bought this product. I am a customer for life!

Love the green scent

This stuff is great. This is my 3rd repurchase and it will always be part of my daily routine.

Fresh Wipes (25)
Jennifer Cox
Sugar & Spice

Clients love them for a quick refresh before their sugaring appointment always leave one on the bed while they get ready for me to sugar them 😊

Green Muff Care Kit
Suzanne McQueen
Amazing products!!

I’m in love with these products. I highly recommend to give them a try!!

Fresh Wipes (25)
Roberta H
Don’t knock it until you try it

I was pleasantly surprised when the wipes did not leave a sticky residue nor did the wash. There’s a cleaner, fresher feeling. I am very pleased with my purchase and will do so again in the future. I gave the kit to my teenage daughter and am waiting for a report of which I may never get lol

Blue Muff Care Kit
Tara Williams

I have been using the blue care kit for ages now, I absolutely love it! Can't say enough good things about it.

Green Muff Care Kit
Denise Collins
Great product

I received the kit. Love the light scent and works great on my sensitive areas. Very happy with the products thus far. Bought the travel pack too for life on the go!

Exactly right

Gentle effective personal cleaning cloths. I carry them when hiking. Great buy. Will buy more

Spray and lotion

Great purchase. Hlad I decided to give ut a try. The green scent is nice. Will definitely be trying more products.

Soft T

Nice soft tshirt. Good on sizing and definitely big on fun to wear.

Love it!

Smells so good and feels fresh! Perfect for everyday and special occasions! ;)

Green Muff Care Kit
Annette Hansen

I ordered 2 green kits, 1 for me and 1 for a friend. I have tried the wipes and the wash. I quite like the smell. The product is very gentle.
I did think I was going to get a travel bag with my kits but I did not.
Do you seem then separately?

Yep you need this

I love both of the love my muff washes. But I think my favorite one is the love my muff green. It does it’s job and leave my muff feeling confident to tackle the day.

Green Muff Care Kit
Amie Pearson
So Fresh!!!!

Loving this line so far for myself and clients! The green scent is soft and fresh. Can’t wait to see the results of use over time!

Fresh Wipes (25)
Christine H.
The Best

These wipes are pricey but worth it. They are the most effective at keeping intimate areas fresh with a mild, natural scent. They are the only wipes so far that do not trigger BV and actually leave me feeling and smelling fresh, in front (and even behind!).

Green Soft: Lotion
Julie Bradford
Just ok

I found the lotion didn't moisturize for very long. And I'm also not really a fan of the scent. Would be nice if there was an unscented one perhaps.

Really great!!!

I love it!
It feels great and fresh.