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Orgasms not only feel good but they’re also good for you. They help from reducing stress and anxiety to relieving pain, boosting your immune system, and just plain making you feel O so good. There are no downsides to orgasms. 


From stimulating different areas or a combination of factors, there are many types of orgasms. Let's take a look at
 several ways to get the big O.


Types of orgasms 


Considered the most standard of orgasm, clitoral orgasms result from stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is part of the female anatomy with no other function than to provide sexual pleasure. The tip of the clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings (in comparison, there are only about 4,000 in a penis). Your clit gets increasingly more sensitive and erect the more aroused you get, making foreplay key in a clitorial orgasm.


Also known as the controversial "G-spot" orgasm, vaginal orgasms don't always happen for everyone. However, when stimulated just right, the elusive “G-spot” can give you mind-blowing orgasms and intense pleasure. Often lasting longer than clitoral orgasms, vaginal ones are achieved more through intercourse than clitoral stimulation.


A blended orgasm is exactly what it sounds like: a blend of different body parts being stimulated to help you reach orgasm. 36% of women report enjoying sex more when vaginal penetration is partnered with clitoral stimulation. Some describe their blended orgasms as feeling more intense because of the multiple points of stimulation. These orgasms can last up to 15 minutes, culminating in a “big” orgasm at the end.


A coregasm is triggered by exercise. Those who have experienced coregasms describe them as less intense but still pleasurable. Typically, these orgasms can happen in two ways: 

  1. Running: When your thighs might be rubbing together, resulting in some indirect clitoral stimulation.
  2. Core workouts: Sit-ups, yoga, or any exercise where you’re really engaging your core can result in a coregasm. However, coregasms don’t happen after only a couple sets, it’s more like 100 or 200 crunches. 


You likely have experienced a skin orgasm before. Have you ever felt chills or goosebumps when listening to a song you like? These are called “frissons,” which can be described as a pleasant tingling feeling induced by music. Researchers believe frissons can happen when there are unexpected or abrupt changes in the music, basically anything that forces the mind to switch gears quickly.


This is truly a case of mind over matter. Fantasies or mental orgasms happen when your brain, the biggest sex organ, is stimulated. These types of orgasms are achieved through visualizing intimate scenarios and thoughts. Often fantasy orgasms are best paired with breathing exercises for an even more intense effect.

Sleep orgasm

Many people experience arousal or orgasm during sleep. There is little research on the topic so it’s difficult to say how sleep orgasms happen. Similar to fantasy orgasms, orgasms during sleep might occur because the brain is very active at night.


Some people achieve orgasms through either stimulation or penetration around the anus with a finger, tongue, or toy. Arousal can occur because of the shared nerves from the wall of the rectum to the vagina. Plus, the clitoris stretches all the way to the anus.

C-spot orgasm

C-spot orgasms happen by stimulating the nerve endings located in the cervix and around the uterus. It’s best achieved through deep penetration, rather than repeated stimulation. However, communication is key with C-spot orgasms as intense thrusting with a well-endowed partner may hurt.


The areolas and nipples have tons of nerve endings in them and when they’re stimulated, oxytocin is released. This causes the same uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasm, bringing more blood flow to the genitals and can trigger an orgasm. 

As with anything, orgasms are super subjective. What might work for you may not work for someone else so it's a matter of experimentation and communication with your partner. Enjoy the experience as you figure out what gives you the best satisfaction.