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Ways to get your fitness fix this winter

Ways to get your fitness fix this winter

Short and sweet workouts to try


With the pandemic still keeping gyms and fitness studios closed, many of us have turned to at-home workouts or getting our fitness on outdoors.

However, with the weather turning colder, we’re home-bound ever more than before and I don’t know about you, but the motivation is low to get moving. So we scoured the internet for easy workouts that yield high results. 

From your arms to your legs, we’ve rounded up some short and sweet (and free!) at-home workouts for you to try this winter - and best of all, they’re all 30-minutes or less!

  1. 4-minute, no-weight arm toning workout: For those days where you’re really strapped for time, 4 minutes is all you need to work out those arm muscles. 
  2. 5-minute, standing flat-belly workout: This no-equipment 5-minute workout is perfect to squeeze in between calls during your day.
  3. 5-minute morning workout. This five-minute flow helps wakes up your body with slow stretching. It’s the perfect way to ease into your morning routine.
  4. 5-minute back and arms workout. This quick and effective workout for your back and arms can be done anytime, anywhere - and you don’t need a lot of space.
  5. 5-minute arm workout for toning. If you’re looking to target, tone, and sculpt some stubborn arm flab, this workout is for you.
  6. 6-minute HIIT and abs workout. This workout takes you through a circuit of bodyweight moves, helping you burn those calories and tone your muscles. 
  7. 10-minutes fat-burning afrobeat cardio dance workout. This fun dance workout will put a smile on your face and have you breaking a sweat in just 10 minutes.
  8. 10-minute upper body workout. This 10-minute routine makes working out your upper body muscles easy and (relatively) pain-free. 
  9. 15-minute bodyweight HIIT workout. This bodyweight HIIT workout takes you through four 40-second movements, with 20 seconds of rest and a one-minute plank in between. 
  10. 15-minute fat-burning HIIT workout with no equipment. This quick, no-equipment HIIT workout will have you working up a sweat in no time.
  11. 20-minute abs and cardio HIIT workout. This cardio workout works out your abs, builds core strength, and strengthens your endurance.
  12. 20-minute low Impact full-body HIIT Workout. Apartment dwellers, this one is for you! A 20-minute full-body HIIT workout that is low impact and involves no jumping.
  13. 30-minute arms and ab beginner workout. Work your arms and core with nothing more than just your body weight in this 30-minute mini-workout from fitness queen Kayla Itsines.
  14. 30-minute full-body kickboxing workouts. This half-hour kickboxing workout challenges your core, hips, arms, and legs. You’ll definitely feel this one the next day. 
  15. 40-minute body jam dance workout. Ok, ok, we snuck in a workout that’s slightly over 30 minutes but this dance workout is so fun that the time will just fly by, we promise! Get your hip hop on with Nina Dobrev in this fun and fierce dance workout.

And if you’re looking to get a little more creative with your cardio, try a Zoom dance party with friends, forget the elevator and take the stairs, or get your heart rate up between the sheets! Have fun. 


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