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How I Met My SHE-ro

How I Met My SHE-ro


They say you should never meet your heroes, but having met one of mine, I can throw that rule out the window!


Let me tell you about the time I met the coolest, most badass boss and everything an entrepreneur should aspire to be... the one and only Sara Blakely, creator and visionary behind Spanx. 


I met the incredible Sara 12 years ago in NYC when I had a little pop-up shop inside the iconic department store Henri Bendel. After I developed I Love My Muff in 2009, I took my line and my empire state of mind to 5th Ave to the buyers at Henri Bendel and they loved it enough to offer me my first run at retail. And just like that, Muff took Manhattan right out of the gate!


As a new niche brand and also being the only feminine care line that Bendel’s showcased, it really felt like a dream come true for a girl from B.C. with lots of passion and some vulva loving care kits to share. But it gets better! 


During my first week I saw Sara strolling by my booth and I couldn’t believe I was seeing my entrepreneurial idol in the flesh! I had to shoot my shot and so I introduced myself to her and showed her my products and OMG — she was as cool as I imagined her to be!


I’ll never forget our interaction as well as her generosity. Sara refused to let me gift her with my products and instead purchased a bunch of muff stuff to support me. I was blown away. The most valuable thing she gave me was when she said the words “ I’m proud of you ”, which meant everything coming from my girl boss she-ro. That act of kindness still shines in my heart and guides me as an entrepreneur to this day.


Meeting Sara that day made me feel like my first retail opportunity in the big apple was a bite that I deserved to taste and “Spanx” to Sara, it has kept me motivated to keep spreading the muff love far and wide! 


I’m proud to say Muff is still on the move and I’m so thrilled for Sara and Spanx to continue going from strength to stratospheric heights and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving and inspiring woman. 


So sometimes, when you meet your heroes, you actually get to meet a smart, kind, funny, generous and real person. Someone who advocates for your space in the race to keep pushing onwards towards your dreams. 


Congratulations and cheers to Sara and all women entrepreneurs who are grinding and shining every day. Happy Women's Entrepreneurship Day! 


And to anyone with an idea, a goal or a dream, no matter how crazy if may seem, shoot your shot and just go for it! 


Muff love,

Ritz Clinging, Founder CEO