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Taking Care of "Down There"

Taking Care of "Down There"


For many brides, the moment that she gets engaged she begins to take better care of herself. Exercising more, eating healthier, spending extra money on that eye cream you’ve wanted for years… to-be-bride are taking the time to care for themselves from head to toe. There is one thing, however, that is often overlooked: your muff, and lets face it, on your wedding day, it’s not a part you want to be thinking about too much! 

Kate Hughes shares some Wedding beauty tips: 

You may be giggling at me now, but we’re only trying to help! So many brides will take the time and money to get Mani-Pedi’s every week leading up to the big day, but wont take 30 seconds to read up on how to care for herself “down there”.  And the myth that so many women are trying to live by is that less is more, but how can this be true? Less care is better? You’d never believe such a fable when it came to your skin or your nail beds, so why your private bits? Don’t subject this part of you to suffering because you’re ignoring it – but help is at hand!

i love my muff has taken feminine hygiene to a whole new level, taking a once-taboo topic and making exciting beauty essentials that women can be proud of. The company has a line of washes, sprays, lotions and wipes all meant to take the best care of “down there.” No more subjecting your muff to synthetic products that do more harm than good. Products from i love my muff are handmade, and include essential oils to help maintain external vaginal freshness and cleanliness. The line is friendly for everything from your muff to the world! The line is cruelty-free and comes in eco-cautious recyclable packaging.

For more information visit i love my muff